New blog. New Year. New Ideas. New Creations.

I’ve previously had a blog (postagious.blogspot.com) in which I posted a lot about fashion and DIY projects.  Since then life has taken me so many directions and has kept me extremely busy.  My creative drive over the past 2-3 years has been decorating my first house… opening my etsy store, shopellion (shopellion.etsy.com)… planning my wedding… moving from Louisiana to Houston, TX… selling my first house to buy my second house with my now husband… a house requiring LOTS of renovations & restorations… all while working full time as an engineer.  Now that the wedding craziness is over I’ve decided to start this blog as a means of documenting my renovations, decorating, inspirations, DIY projects, as well as how my etsy store will be involved and develop over time.  A blog is something, that I think, can document someones ideas and history.  I have a love for design, inspiration, and pictures so hopefully this will be the great outlet for me to share not only with the world but with my future self.

A space created without passion is a space without emotion.



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