ellion history

I’m not even exactly sure where to start but, if I start without a specific point my friends would tell you I ramble forever… trust me in my mind it is all connected. Soo with that being said, what I’m going to try to explain is how I got to this point today, that is, starting this blog and the link between my online and as well as at home creativity.

First off I always enjoyed all of the artistic classes I took growing up.  I even drew, painted, and crafted on my own at home from a very young age.  For example, I can even remember something I did when I was about 10.. I decided I wanted to make some jewelry with whatever I could find… I lived in the “country” so I was always playing outside… I went into my dad’s shed and got silver wire and some how came up with the idea of making beads out of road asphalt… I know… extremely random but as a kid it seemed like a great idea and I thought nothing of it!

Once I was in high school I took an architecture class that I really enjoyed.  As high school graduation came near, I was having a hard time deciding on a successful college major in which I could get involved with my creative side… then I remember I really enjoyed the architecture class I had taken.  I job shadowed the architect that actually designed my parents house… while I was there he mentioned “All architects designs have to be checked and signed by an engineer.” at the time I thought “I wouldn’t want to be the engineer because they don’t get to do any of the fun, creative part!”

I showed up to LSU orientation as a student enrolled to start in the architecture program.  They put all of us in a class room and started calling out names.  My name was called.  At the end of the list, they said “if we called your name you did not get accepted to start in the architecture program but you will have another chance to get in next year.  One reason for not getting in could be your grades and/or ACT scores and another reason could be that you didn’t prepare a portfolio.”  A portfolio?! This was news to me! I had work I could have submitted!   I was completely upset.  Then I found out that IF I got into the program the next year that I would have FIVE more years after that in school and not only that… I would have to get re-accepted each year while in the program.  I started to worry that this wasn’t the route for me.  What if I couldn’t be creative under pressure? What if I waste even more YEARS of my time and it not work out in the end? So, my next idea was to figure out which engineering pertained to structures so that I could be in the same industry… This is when I found out I would have to major in Civil Engineering and later found out that I could get a minor in Structural Engineering because I knew that was the type of engineering I would want to do.

Back in 2009 (when I was still in college studying engineering) I decided that I wanted to open an etsy shop because I loved making things.  At the time I was making my own bracelets… which is when I consider to be the “beginning of the arm candy craze” ha.  I never opened the shop because I was too preoccupied with school.  Once I graduated from college I acquired more of a “young professional” sense of style since I was, in fact, a “young professional” and my bracelets weren’t necessarily business casual.  This is also the time my now husband (boyfriend at the time) considers my “extremely bored” phase in life. All of my friends, including him, were moving away to start their own careers and for the first time in my life I had no studying to do.  I had never realized until then that I no longer had any REAL hobbies.  I also never realized how much I (secretly) enjoy being extremely busy.

What was my first cure you ask?  Well my first decision was to fulfill my loneliness (and cat obsession) by driving 7 hours to get a bengal kitten.  If you already know me you know I have an obsession with my crazy bengal cat, Chandler (@chandler_the_cheetah_cat on instagram)! He still keeps me constantly entertained but eventually that wasn’t enough.  Within that following year (2010) I began following these things called “blogs”.  They kept me SUPER entertained and I began wanting to try new things like baking, DIY projects, and fashion trends.

I suddenly started to doubt my career path because I couldn’t bring ALL of this artistic creativity to my work.  Living in the south as an engineer, the industry to be in is petrochemical… nothing really “pretty”.  But not long after, I told myself not to quit and stay positive.  This is when I realized maybe all of this was meant to be… just like my first realization in college… I don’t have to be under pressure to be creative… I can do it on my own as a hobby without the stress of a job or anyone’s opinion.  So this my friends is the answer I give when people say “Are you sure you’re an engineer?”  Yep. I am.  I do enjoy (and do think I am good at) what I do.  But for now my artistic creativity is kept separately and it keeps me busy 24/7.  Going back a little bit…  even though I was young I can still remember at least two of my childhood art teachers tell me how creative I was and couldn’t wait to see what I would do with it one day… after running into one of them, Melissa Bonin (she has a studio in New Orleans on Magazine St. now), she could not believe I was an engineer… I told her I still really enjoy being creative outside of work!

Shortly after, in 2010,  is when I started my first blog, postagious.  I suddenly was no longer bored!  It brought back my creativity and kept me entertained after work!  Two years and two jobs later in 2012 life pulled me in another direction… I bought my first house!  My focus on my fashion and DIY blog started to fade and I began obsessing over decorating my house and doing projects around the house.  Some of which you can see in the last posts on my blog postagious.  I began obsessing on thrift and vintage finds for my new house.  Once I discovered estate sales…. o.m.g…. I left my first sale with tears of joy!!!  I showed up to every single one in town and dug through all of the great deals and finds! Antiques! Vintage! Cheap! Oh my!!!

The next year (2013), I had filled my house with furniture finds and treasures.  I then revisited my idea of starting an etsy store.  What do I sell?  I love making so many different things but I need a focus!  I thought of all of my DIY projects and decided to start off with my candle making for this new store and see what it would develop into.  I choose the name ellion (pronounced ellie-ahn) because… well… it is my real name… easy as that!  So the name will not limit my/its development over the years to come.  This is where my thrifting and estate shopping comes into play… I make all of my candles in vintage/antique tea cups and glasses!  Shopping is half the fun!  I came up with my signature scent with the inspiration of my favorite candle, diptyque baies, with fragrance oils of fresh roses and red currant.  So if you’d like to check out my store stop by shopellion.etsy.com (@shopellion on instagram and shopellion on facebook)  I also worked on a project with Sazerac, the official cocktail of New Orleans, making them custom Sazerac candles for their gift shop!  You can check those out at thesazeracgiftshop.com

Summer 2013… he proposed! Over the next year and a half I have been juggling work, wedding planning, and shopellion.

Summer 2014 I began the process of selling my first house (that I put so much work and love into!), finding a new job in Houston, buying a house in Houston with my man and moving away from Louisiana for the first time in my life.  Fall 2014 began the wedding parties and house renovations!  10-10-14 we got married!  10-11-14 left for our honeymoon.  Since we have gotten back we have still been working on renovations and restorations but the house is looking sooo much better and as of today we have been living there for two weeks…. with ALLLL of that being said… now you know a little bit (ok. a lot.) about me and this is where I’m going to start with elliondecor… going back into some of my renovation projects over the past few months and taking it from there… hope you enjoy and I’m always up for questions or giving advice! 🙂



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