Our House Real Estate Pictures – Before

So, there it was…my dream house!  These were the real estate pictures that were posted online.  After doing a lot of real estate researching on my own (while still living in Louisiana), I knew this was a great location in the neighborhood we wanted to be in, Houston Heights.  Close to I-10, close to downtown, high-demand, historic, neat shops and restaurants, convenient, and not to mention… expensive.  The neighborhood it self has so much charm and character with old bungalow style houses as well as huge new houses built with the same old character.  Houston Heights is very similar to my (current at the time) neighborhood in Baton Rouge, LA, Capital Heights.  Both neighborhoods are in high demand to young adults/families and “senior citizens” who have been there for years.  Being that most of the houses are dated to the early 1900s, floor plans based on lifestyles over the past 100 or so years have obviously changed.  That being said… top selling point are 1. more than one bathroom, 2. open/large living space & kitchen, and don’t forget 3. CLOSETS (!!).   If you scroll back up to the floor plan you can see (at least in my eyes at least) this house had it all.  After looking at houses for only a day in Houston I knew this was the perfect catch for me.  I know a lot of people wouldn’t look at these pictures and see TONS of opportunities and visions, but I did!  At first thought I was thinking “Come on. The biggest problem with this house is lots of painting is required… and I can do the painting myself.” (No, the pink and green EVERYTHING wasn’t staying… Sorry Ms. Velma – owner and only resident at the time).

Secondly, being that this house had been on the market for A MONTH(!!) I knew we had a good chance in getting it.  I guess that was proof right there that no one saw the potential in this house (nor wanted to take on the project) considering a week on the market is a long time in this neighborhood.   Here I was, in my own HGTV series (*dream*) with my handy dandy husband to help me out and also ready and willing for the challenge!

Turns out… the process wasn’t as easy as we thought to get this house.  We put in an offer 6% lower than asking price… also a CRAZY idea in this neighborhood considering sales go over asking price.  Immediate acceptance from the seller! Wow! We were so excited!  Next step… inspection… this is where it starts being like a real HGTV show with problems *whomp whomp*.  Along with every little single “tiny” broken thing in this 1935 house… we were going to need a new roof and completely new plumbing.  We were able to make a deal with the seller to pay half of repair costs at closing… sure..that works! Next problem.  I could not move or change jobs or sell my current house mid purchase of this house because the mortgage would be terminated.  As closing day (a month later) approached we got word that our mortgage would not go through and we might lose the house.  I was SO upset and was NOT going to give up now.  The stressful process lasted another month by “begging” the seller to extend the closing date and going through another mortgage broker.  There were still no promises it would even go through.  Two days before the new closing date (July 21, 2014), I moved to Houston.  Still nervous AT the closing that something somehow would backfire. Two months of crazy stress of finding a new job, trying to get this house, and moving to Houston… not to mention working with a buyer on my Baton Rouge house (without a Real Estate Agent – obviously because I just love being a DIYer)… oh and that thing called our wedding in 2 months and counting.  Needless to say… we signed and signed and signed and were handed 13 keys to this little old house with so many door locks from all of the additions on this house!  This is when the work, planning, designing, quoting, and long after real work nights began….



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