Hall Bathroom – Before and After

Hall Bathroom - Before
Hall Bathroom – Before

As you can see from the before picture, the hall bathroom was in the best shape… the previous owner had this bathroom redone the year before (2013)…no idea what it looked like before.  When I say the best shape I mean besides the mauve on mauve walls, window trim, base boards, door trim, hall door, closet door, and medicine cabinet (not to mention inside the medicine cabinet and the ENTIRE inside of the closet).  So the hall bathroom is where I started!  Knocking out the easy projects first so that one room can feel “done” is actually the best motivation!

Let’s talk about the positives in this bathroom!  It is the part of the original 1935 house layout.  It was, at that time, the only bathroom in the house.  That being said.. its a pretty good size!  What everyone (obviously!) notices first is the claw foot tub (*dream tub*)!!  It is gorgeous and was a HUGE selling point for me!  What you can’t tell from the picture (unless maybe you’re an expert) is that it is NOT an original cast iron claw foot tub, its actually a brand new arylic tub most likely added a year ago.  Bummer.  But I’m completely ok with it!  There is a large (for a bathroom at least) closet on the right of the sink.  My favorite part about this closet, beside the large amount of storage space, is that the original solid wood door and door knob are original to the house! Minus the obvious coats of paint applied to it (mauve now) including the door knob itself.  Another original part of this bathroom is the medicine cabinet over the sink with more storage space!  Toilet and pedestal sink aren’t anything “top of the line” or original, but hey they work!  I also like the matching tub and sink cross knob hardware with the “hot” and “cold” labels.

Let’s talk about the negatives whomp whomp.  The hall door to the bathroom was replaced with a cheap hollow door with no panes and a cheap old (in a bad way) knob.  Not only was this door replaced but so were the two bedroom doors in the hall as well.  We are going to be replacing those with old doors that match the original closet doors remaining.  The window (hidden behind the curtain) was replaced with a cheap metal frame window with fogged ripple glass… also old in a bad way.  For now we are trying to save by not replacing any of the windows in the house so we will paint and cover them as needed.  All of the windows through out the house are different but hey, they work.  Going back to the biggest problem that I mentioned previously… all of the water pipes throughout the house need to be replaced.  The pipes are old and corroded.  Water pressure because of the corrosion is EXTREMELY low.  The old lady living there said “Well it’s just low because this is an old neighborhood and a lot of people live around here.”… we got a laugh out of that (ha!).  Filling up the tub with even about an inch of water showed how red the water was from the corrosion.  No bubble bath for me yet. 😦

Besides starting to demo the cramped 50s style kitchen the night of closing on the house (will get to the kitchen details later in another post), I waited until the weekend to paint every square inch of this bathroom.  I knew I would be painting the rest of the walls in the house a shade of white so I did something different for the bathrooms.  These walls are obviously newly textured.  I got the idea that maybe if I painted the walls a light grey color it would look like (in a way) concrete.. with different shades of grey shadows but nothing too dramatic to where you notice immediately.  The walls are “Nimbus Cloud” by Martha Stewart.  The mauve trim was going to be pure white… along with the medicine cabinet and closet door.

It literally took me 2 days to paint all of this bathroom.  I’m planning on doing another post with painting tips that I learned along the way but for now just a quick review… if you are painting over an old paint and are not sure whether its oil or water based take a cotton ball or cloth soaked in alcohol (rubbing alcohol… don’t use the wine you are drinking to get you through all of this painting!) and rub the existing paint.  If the cloth is clean its oil based paint, if the cloth has paint on it it is water based.  Painting over oil based paint requires a coat of primer first.  If you paint straight on with out it the new water based paint won’t stick.  That being said… I painted all of the trim and door with primer first.  Primer also helps when painting over a dark color to a light color to avoid more than two coats.  I then followed the primer with two coats of pure white (no color mixed in) paint… letting it dry some in between coats.  I also painted the walls with two coats of the grey paint.  I finished off the look with a fresh new medicine cabinet knob from anthropologie, a rug I already had, and my antique chandelier that I transferred from my old house that I won at an antique auction!  My husband made me the shelf for the tub out of an old piece of cypress wood I had from Louisiana.  He cut it to the right length, applied a coat of stain, and two coats of polyurethane.  Now that the pipes are all replaced I can take bubble baths with my laptop, book, shopellion candles and wine!

photo 5
Before – Closet & Medicine Cabinet

photo 2 copy 3

photo 3 copy 3photo 1 copy 3

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 5
photo 5 copy
photo 4
photo 4 copy
Painting the Medicine Cabinet
photo 4 copy 2

photo 3 copy 2

photo 2 copy 2

photo 2 copy

photo 1 copy

photo 1 copy 2

photo 2
Almost done… base boards still need to be painted

photo 3

photo 1

After – Chandelier from antique Auction. Won it for $90 Similar to the Restoration Hardware chandelier in my previous post on “sale” right now for $1200
Chandelier from antique Auction. Won it for $90 Similar to the Restoration Hardware chandelier in my previous post on “sale” right now for $1200
After – Painted the metal window frame & trim
After – shopellion candle
After – going to replace the vanity light at some point


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