Painting Front Door

Before & After – painted door, took down screening, new house numbers, new mailbox
Front yard - Before
Front yard – Before
After – New House numbers, painted door, new mailbox

IMG_1308 IMG_1310

I wasn’t completely opposed to the red front door but I felt like the front of the house needed some more character!  Besides, the husband kept saying it looked to patriotic with the red, white, and blue.  I primed and painted the front door within the time it took my husband to make a (longer than usual) home depot run.  Considering I painted my door on my old house (from brown to bright blue!) I was familiar with how quick of a job this is but it has a huge impact!  A little tip for painting french doors (considering this house has ummm NINE!), you don’t have to tape off every single window pane… just use a razor blade to scrape off the excess dried paint after you are done.

I actually had this gold mail box from an estate sale from a very long time ago… I bought it for maybe $4 so I figured why not… I may replace it later.  The terribly painted red mail box wasn’t going to stay… plus my LEAST FAVORITE color combo is red and yellow.

I ordered the house numbers from Etsy (here– font is “Blair” & color is “Jet Black”) and after attempting to glue them up there and smearing yellow glue everywhere (we need to touch that up with some paint ugh)… we decided to use industrial foam double sided mounting tape.  Works great!

If you look closely there was a mesh fabric screening on the left side of the house over the sunroom windows… we took those down to make a cleaner/brighter look!

There was also plastic green blinds over every sunroom window (they matched the walls)…took those down too.  Sunroom updates will have to come later!

Now I will have to paint the 3 red back doors yellow at some point as well!  But for now we will have a warm welcome at the front door!


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