Design Lessons for your 30s – Article Discussion

I came across this article from and found it very relatable.  Sometimes its really hard to put these design “tips” into words when people ask me “how do you put everything together?”.  As you read through these lessons you’ll see there’s no hard fast rules to decorating and designing… that’s what makes it so difficult  to explain to someone who doesn’t know where to start.  Over the past 3-4 years of my life I have seemed to develop these design aspects myself…  even though I’m about 3 or more years (I’m 27 and counting!) ahead of the curve I do agree that these concepts should be considered by your 30s.  Here’s the full post along with some of my own commentary…

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Plants and flowers have become one of my favorite things to have around the house over the past year or two.  Although I don’t buy fresh cut flowers very often for myself…because I hate that they die… I browse them pretty much every trip to the grocery store.  If there are beautiful farm grown flowers at farmers markets I usually cannot pass them up.  Over the past couple weeks my main focus has been decking out my planters windows in my kitchen and master bath with flowers, succulents, herbs, vines, and air-plants.  I love the idea of bringing the outdoors in.  I love the outdoors but when I’m inside and surrounded by beautiful things it makes me feel happy and nice and cozy.  Next step is to plant flower bulbs in the front of the house!

One tip that I have for if you want to make a floral arrangement is to find local or nationwide event florists to follow on instagram and pinterest.  Since I just planned my wedding I found so many beautiful arrangements via social media to spark my interest.  This also brings me into the next topic of the article…

The internet is truly what keeps my mind constantly coming up with new ideas and resources.  Pinterest and instagram are both great outlets for design ideas.   Seeing how others have incorporated certain pieces usually branches my ideas further or makes me feel comfortable about making a decision.  If you’ve read some of the other look for less posts… don’t settle on the first thing you find.  Mat also brought up another one of my new tricks… google image search.  In case you’ve never used it…go to the google homepage and click on “images” on the top right.  Upload an image of your interest… lets say a piece of furniture and google will then search the web for that exact picture or very similar pictures.  This is also a good way to find out where to buy something if you have no idea what brand or name it is.

3I have not yet done custom furniture… I’m still not completely convinced that it would be cheaper.  As far as reupholstering I have definitely wanted to consider it for some of my thrifted pieces… I’m just afraid to spend the money on custom reupholstering when my cat might ruin it.  I’m a big fan of estate sale shopping, antique stores, re-purposing, and finding vintage inspired new furniture.  The most I have ever spent on a piece of furniture has been for my z gallerie stella sofa.  Its the most comfortable couch I’ve ever sat on and its beautiful… definitely a staple piece.  The rest of my furniture is from thrift stores, estate sales, inherited,, world market, and urban outfitters.  I also recently bought some mid century dining benches from Target.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve “splurged” on nice art work but I’m definitely a huge fan of framed art work and gallery walls.  Some of which I’ve made myself.  I love to travel so I usually buy art work whenever I travel… that way I’ll have unique artwork from around the world that also brings back memories of my travels.  I’m also a sucker for handmade art fair purchases.

Unlike Mat, my twenties are about WHITE WHITE WHITE WALLS.  White walls are a blank canvas for all contents in a room… colorful accents, textiles, flowers, art, etc…  This is usually my most straight forward advice for how I decorate.  The biggest thing I don’t understand is sticking to a specific color pallet.   Rooms seem too uniform to me if there are only one, two, or even three colors… almost as if its a paint by number.  I buy things that I truly find interesting or beautiful alone…. what ever color it is that I’m attracted to.

6 7Although I might be a little ahead of the curve here with the full on fixer upper at age 27… I can see having a rental and doing simple aesthetic upgrades.  I actually kind of did this with my last house.  It was already renovated with basic new fixtures, knobs, etc. and I installed a chandelier (the one in my bathroom now) between my closet doors and then when I went to sell it I took it down and packed it up with me.  This is just one example but this is something you could easily do in a rental.  I got the chandelier from an antique auction for a great deal and bought it without even having a place for it at the time… sometimes you have to just take the risk in investing in a great antique piece and know that it will come into play at some point.8As far as being indecisive…. I can be the queen of indecisive.  Depending on my mood… if I’m not in the mood to shop and dig for good deals I usually leave with nothing because of my indecisiveness… there hasn’t been too many times that I have regretted this either.  But there is also the very determined/almost fight someone over a great find me that you have to beware of! Ha!  Sometime when I know, I know!  Especially with my familiarity on estate sale pricing of items.  

And LAST but certainly NOT LEAST.  My best advice ever…. don’t worry about whether things will match or not… if anything I would worry more about being too matchy matchy… just have faith that everything will come together… when you see pieces you like just go for it… it’ll find it’s place.  An eclectic home is an interesting home with your personality.  In case you haven’t seen my elliondecor moto… A space created without passion is a space without emotion.


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