New-Retro Fridge

Kitchen Update with new GE Artistry Fridge
kitchen 3
Kitchen Before
GE Artistry Refridgerator – $1079.10 & Free Delivery
GE Artistry Refridgerator – $1079.10 & Free Delivery
GE Artistry Refridgerator – $1079.10 & Free Delivery

So believe it or not… we have 4 refrigerators. FOUR. The white one in the before picture came with the house and wasn’t going to stay… but it still works so I guess we’ll keep it in the garage! The one we planned on putting in the kitchen got scratched up when we move it from my house in Louisiana… so it’s in the garage because it still works too. The fourth is at my husbands office so there are technically 3 at the house. That being said… I wasn’t really worried about getting a large fridge or freezer because we will have two more in the garage. I looked into other retro inspired fridges like the big chill, northstar and smeg but I just didn’t feel like it was worth the money considering you can get an awesome non-retro fridge for way less.  I also got a ball park idea about how much restored vintage fridges would cost and it’s a lot too.  I was hesitant about this GE artistry fridge at first but I kept coming back to it and now I love it!  I knew we really wanted an ice maker and this one has the connection to hook one up in the freezer… it costs about 90 bucks (ordered separately – see below)  and they can install it when they deliver or you can do it yourself.  We would have to live without cold water dispenser but we’ve lived without one for the past few months so we’re getting used to it anyway!  The fridge and freezer space are slightly smaller than you would probably want but its sufficient so we are really liking it so far!

ice maker
Ice Maker Kit for Top Mount Refrigerators – $89

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