DIY Flower Window Box


As far as actually constructing the box I left it up to my husband and sent him THIS blog post from the Two Twenty One because I like how they constructed the box as well as how they mounted it.

I almost did white paint/stain but my husband mentioned he liked the idea of staining it and I thought about it and agreed (A wife agreeing with her husband’s idea… I’ll admit it this time!)… the stain is a good contrast with our house colors.  Plus I’ve been staining so much lately I’m kind of obsessed… from our own wood floors to custom shelving…(guess I need to do a post on those too!)

Since I wasn’t actually present for the constructing of the box just refer to the blog post above… as for the staining… first of all it’s way easier to use pre-sanded wood.  For the stain I used Minwax Wood Finish Oil-Based Stain in the color provincial. You’ll only need the small can because stain goes a long way (our box is about 6 ft long and it barely put a dent in the small can)… you’ll also need gloves and cloths or rags to wipe the stain on.  Trust me you want gloves… I learned the hard way with the floors… paint thinner does take it off though just in case it drips.  I rubbed one coat on, let dry for an hour or two then applied a second.. you can apply a third or even a different color stain as well.  We waiting another 24 hours before installing the box because the stain does take a while to completely absorb.

After Constructed and Sealer Dried
After Constructed and Sealer Dried
After Constructed and Sealer Dried
After applying one coat of stain – Home Depot – Minwax Oil Based Wood Stain in Provincial

The next day we bolted it to the wall where we wanted… then planted flowers!

The flowers we picked!



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