Kitchen Cooking and Prep Area


Just as a little reminder this is the before…

Kitchen - Before
Kitchen – Before

Where do I start? There’s actually a whole lot in these pictures to talk about!  So this kitchen cart actually was my island in my old house.  It is the Jackson kitchen cart from world market.  I bought it 3 years ago and they have been having it for purchase online since then!  It wasn’t my original idea to put here but after searching for an antique or diy piece of furniture to use I realized I should just use this instead and get a new island!  I liked the idea of saving by using unique pieces of furniture in the kitchen (to bring in some diversity) instead of custom cabinets through out.  Figuring out how to do a very exposed concept was a challenge but it is actually very functional now that it is done.  This specific area gets A LOT of use when cooking.  Everything is right there and easy to grab and move around quickly.   All pots and utensils are located on the bottom shelf, counter, and pot rack.  All spices are on the middle shelf on the wall.  Extracts, empty jars, and seasoning packets are on the top shelf on the wall.  All cutting boards, cheese boards, baking sheets, etc are on the middle shelf of the cart.  All oils, measuring cups, utensils, large cutting board, spoon rest, garlic, etc are on the counter.

The spice and oil organization did take a good amount of time.  I purchased jars and bottles from hobby lobby and the container store.  Meanwhile I ordered a dymo organizer express pro from amazon for about $15 bucks.  Yes, this labeler isn’t the most dependent and is very time consuming but I like the way it looks once they are all done.  And in case you were wondering… it usually never works out perfectly that the entire spice fits in the jars…. I tried my hardest and maybe threw extra spices away.  If there was too much excess I hid it behind the glass jar.  I decided to buy extra jars when they were on sale at hobby lobby because it is extremely frustrating when you don’t have a single empty jar when you get a new spice.  I organized them alphabetically to make it easier to find less frequently used spices.  One of the biggest organization tips to follow is uniformity.  If everything is in the same style bottle it won’t look unorganized.

I really loved the look of copper pots so I found a decently priced set from west elm and used wedding gift cards to purchase them.  The Le Creuset pots and larger pots are too big and heavy for the pot rack so they are on the lowest shelf.

The baking sheets and cutting boards easily slide in the middle shelf of the kitchen cart.  The largest cutting board stays on the counter for easy food prep.  It is from William Sonoma and is a really good investment.  There are plenty of different sizes and colors to choose from.

One of my favorite places to shop for home and kitchen things is anthropologie.  My measuring cups on the counter were a gift purchased from anthropolgie.  I love the colors and appearance of them so its nice having them there ready to use.

The utensil jar is definitely the way to go to save drawer space and has the ease of access when cooking.

As far as individual seasoning packages and other items that you might want to leave in their packaging, put them in a box.  The box on the top shelf holds these items. This box is from the container store and comes in multiple sizes.

The shelves are actually a DIY project that I plan on doing a post about!  Just two pieces of wood that I stained and are supported by black steel pipes from home depot.

The pot rack was a wedding gift purchased from World Market.

The stove is (AMAZING) a Bertazzoni 36″ Master series from Elite Appliance.  They usually have a deal for a free hood or vent with purchase.

The cart shelving on the left of the stove is also from World Market but is not available right now.  It is where we keep all of our miscellaneous kitchen appliances.

The only thing I’m still considering on adding to this area is a stove back splash but still undecided!  Other than that I feel like the kitchen is finally complete!

I’d love to hear your thought and ideas for back splashes!


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