DIY: Industrial wood and metal shelving


Supplies (All from Home Depot):

  • (2) pieces of treated & pre-sanded wood cut to the length desired
  • Minwax wood stain – Provincial and Honey 32oz – (a little goes a long way so don’t buy the large can – I might have used 1 and a half large cans to stain all of our wood floors)
  • (2) 12″ long black steel pipes – or however long you want the distance between shelves to be
  • (4) 6″ long black steel pipes – make sure they are long enough to lay the width of the boards on. (sorry I only show 3 in the first pics)
  • (4) 90 degree black pipe elbows
  • (4) pipe mount flanges
  • cloth rags for applying stain
  • gloves
  • 16 mounting screws

(I don’t know if I have to say this but make sure all pipe and pipe fittings are the same diameter!  I believe these are 3/4″ diameter.  Also make sure the screws you have are the correct size for the flange holes!)






I learned the hard way to always use gloves because I think I’m an exception to rules sometimes and that I will be careful enough – stain WILL get all over you – if you do get stain on your skin paint thinner will get it off!


The above picture is after applying one coat of stain.  I applied one or two coats of each color letting dry for about 30 minutes between coats.


Here is after 3 coats.  Apply as many as you want… I normally just see what it looks like after each coat and decide whether I want to apply another coat.

The stain smells very strong even a day or two after the stain is applied so I’d suggest letting it air out (in a dry place) for a couple days before installing.

Next mount the pipes in the configuration shown in the picture towards the top ^ making sure they are level and spaced approximately 1/4 of the length from each end of the wood.   Last part is just sliding the stained wood onto the pipe brackets!  We did not secure the boards so they are just resting on top of the 6″ pipes!

Good luck! Feel free to shoot me any questions!


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